Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! 

Yes, before ANYONE tries to *poke* or *pinch* me, I'm wearing my St. Patty's tie. Don't believe me?? Look at my picture!

So this past week has been one of lots of learning for me. (I think that that really describes every week, but anyway.. :D) Earlier in the week, I'd been super frustrated, and not really focusing on the good things. I went to the temple this past Wednesday, and I took those frustrations with me, and I prayed to know what I needed to fix so that I could get back to doing the Lord's work. Pretty quickly, I got my answer of what needed to be fixed. I was so obsessed with what was going wrong, the cancellations, the issues with various people, that I had taken my vision off of Heavenly Father. I'm slowly learning more and more to be willing to give myself to Him, but it takes a long time, unfortunately. I just keep reviewing my journal, seeing where I *have* improved, and where I *can* improve, and I just keep trying to be a bit better every day. 

This upcoming Saturday, we have the privilege of seeing another baptism. There's a person named Shaila that we've been working with for some time, but when I first got here, we just couldn't ever stay in contact. Finally, we just called them up and said we REALLY wanted to meet with her again. So, we set it up, went, and have gone almost every week since. It truly is such a blessing to see how she's been able to progress, and how we've been able to teach not only Shaila, but her member family as well, and it's been so rewarding to see how they've taught me in response. 

One of my favorite songs this week that I listen to as I write in my journal is "Strength Beyond My Own". It's a video in the gospel library that I just love singing along to, and it helps me calm down and focus my thoughts. It's always a better sleep if I go to sleep with dreams not of lollipops, but of the temple.

I hope everyone has a fantastic week, and do not EVER forget to:
Keep Smiling! (pretty sure this is becoming my slogan for life...)

Elder Conrad Hamilton :D

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  1. blessings to you Elder! the temple is the best...glad you have the privilege to go.