Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

[Received yesterday - 28 November 2013]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is so awesome! I miss being at home eating Thanksgiving with the rest of my family, but it has been a pretty sweet experience. This morning, for our Thanksgiving day devotional, we were blessed to have Elder Russell M. Nelson speak to us. More on that in a second. For our weekly Tuesday evening devotional, we were able to hear from Elder Michael John U. Teh of the First Quorum of the Seventy. He spoke a lot about the recent policy changes of the Church, concerning missionary age, the new curriculum of the Church, and other things. He told us that in a meeting he had, that Elder Holland was conducting, and Elder Holland gave the reasoning for a lot of the changes, and Elder Holland stated that it was because the "Lord is hastening the work". How true this is!

Today, when Elder Nelson spoke to us, he started out by telling us that as we move to different wards/stakes/etc, we needed to "scope out who the ward mission leader is", and that they should become my "very best friend." He then asked who we should talk to next, and the answer was that we should "then scope out the family history consultant, and they will also become [my] very best friend."

It's so much fun being part of the MTC choir! It get's a little interesting when the people surrounding you don't have a clue, but it makes it a challenge to stay on your part. Today, we were able to sing "Hope of Israel", and on Tuesday, we sang "Jesus, Once of Humble Birth" for Elder Teh. SO AWESOME! It also was pretty cool, because today the choir was also first to get our Thanksgiving meal. 

Last Sunday, we were able to go on our weekly temple walk. I just felt like it, so I wore my big overcoat. It was awesome.

Companionship is still learning a lot, and we are becoming better and better at this whole game. I've found that everything gets a lot easier as we have the Spirit, and after not feeling it, things just aren't the greatest. I'm so blessed to be able to feel the Spirit, and be able to learn much!

Anyway, till next P-Day, I love you all! Be sure to either write/email! I really appreciate it!

Much love, 

Elder Conrad Hamilton

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