Friday, November 22, 2013

MTC - Lots going on and lots of learning!

Hey everyone!

Lots going on, and lots of learning!

So, as everyone knows, I left this past Wednesday. When I got to the MTC, we started almost right away, learning and diving into it all. I was put in a trio for my companionship here. Elders Reynolds and Hovey are amazing! They both love the gospel so much, and are so confident in their teaching! I hope I can emulate them at some point. 

Our schedule here at the MTC is so full. We wake up at 6am everyday, get showered, dressed, and otherwise ready for the day, go to breakfast at 7am, then afterwards we get straight to work. Different days have different classes, but they all are focused on how to better serve those that we will come in contact with. 

In the midst of my busy classes and everything else we have to do here, I've also come to a realization of why I actually am serving my mission. We were learning about our "progressive investigator" (PI) that our companionships are teaching while in the MTC, and we were discussing what our ultimate goal for them really was. Was it to see them get baptized? What was our true purpose? While I thought about it, I was looking out the window at the Provo temple, and I came up with my true purpose for the investigators I teach. I want to see them and their families in the temple. I want them to be together forever, and be able to experience the same blessings of the temple that I have. Just some food for thought. 

It's really cool to see other elders and sisters that I knew at BYU-Idaho, and being able to see them in the same stage as I am, getting ready to serve the Lord.

In other things, we got our assignments in our district. Elder Reynolds is our district leader, and the two other elders in my district were made zone leaders. I've been made the senior companion in our trio, which is really cool, yet can be really frustrating at the same time. Elder Hovey is 23, and knows a lot. It's great, but sometimes I just feel like a third wheel between Elder Hovey and Elder Reynolds. Oh well. Something else for me to learn from!! :D

Please email me!! I really enjoy hearing from everyone!
If you'd like, we've been suggested to suggest for you guys to also use It doesn't cost a thing to send a letter to the MTC - but it's just as fast as an email, and they print it out for me and put it in the mailbox that gets checked twice a day. Just saying!

Hope everyone has a great week coming up to Thanksgiving! Don't forget to smile! :D

Much love,

Elder Conrad Hamilton

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