Monday, March 3, 2014

At least 6 more weeks...

Howdy everyone!! :D 

Tis transfer week, but I'm not going anywhere. :D I get to stay in Eagle Mountain for at least 6 more weeks. :D

It's been a great week!! I've seen so many miracles, I realized how high I could count. :) This week, we had a bunch of lessons cancel, so it was a little bummer for us, but I've seen so many miracles, and I'm really enjoying going back at the end of the day, and writing them in my journal. Makes writing a bit more interesting when I can go back and read about miracles from previous days. :) Ahh..

So, coming up in mid-March, we missionaries have been invited to attend a special Stake Conference in which two stakes here in Eagle Mountain will be combined, and then redivided into 3 different stakes. Elder Halstrom of the Seventy will be here, as well as someone else that I can't remember the name of, but it's gonna be awesome! :D

The work is slowly getting busier everywhere! It is truly amazing to see the changes that the Lord makes, and see how His purpose can't EVER be messed up. Whatever happens, He still has control. He knows what is going on, and will take what seems to be a bad thing, and make it so it works out. We had a baptism this last week, and it was great to be able to teach this little kid named Tyler. :) He is a smart little kid, and has such a great testimony of the gospel! :D

I've truly been blessed to have been seeing more and more of the ways Heavenly Father lets me learn things. I've been able to hear things from so many people, to have promptings as I visit the temple, to read things I need to know from the scriptures and General Conference addresses, and so many other things. Heavenly Father knows how I best learn. :D

Speaking of, I'm getting so pumped up for General Conference!!!! :D If you aren't a member, I HIGHLY suggest watching it anyway! There are so many things that anyone can receive from General Conference. 
Tons of love!

-Elder Conrad Hamilton

P.S. Remember to KEEP SMILING! :D

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