Monday, February 24, 2014

Names of People

Howdy everyone!

I have pictures this week! :D

This week has been awesome! :) I've been seeing SO many more miracles and blessings as I follow through with invitations that I give to others, as well as doing them myself. Another awesome thing this week is that we've been working on being more in contact with those that we teach and work with, and help let them know that we're here for them. 
One of the less-actives made my week! :) They are no longer less-active! They had progressed enough that the bishop of their ward deemed the husband eligible to be ordained an elder - not this past weekend but last - and then went through the temple for his own endowment this past Saturday. :D YEAH!!!

Last Monday, we hiked to the top of the hills that overlook Eagle Mountain for our district activity. While we were up there, I walked a little farther than the others, and I just sat down and looked out over the valley here.

It was such a wonderful time to just think about all the people in the valley that we're helping to come closer to Christ. I felt very accomplished, because I could pick out the houses where they lived, and could name each one that we were helping. It really helped me remember that I'm not about the numbers. I'm about individuals. I could support my numbers with the names of people. I could picture their faces, and as I sat there, just thinking, I was peaceable enough to think of new things. I found ideas of how to help some of them in ways I'd never thought of before. It was an awesome time for our district activity! :) 

For my spiritual thought this week, I want y'all to first watch the following video.

After you watch it, think of all the GOOD things that you see in the family. Then, turn your thoughts to your own family members. I want y'all to make a list of at least 5 things good about each one. I promise that as you do so, and as you continue to add more and more to each list, that your mind will become more and more trained to find the good in those around us. As we do so, our families will become closer and closer, and we will be able to see more of the good in the world around us. I know that we'll be able to be more as Christ is, and to be more as our Heavenly Father is. I know that our Heavenly Father loves us, and that we have more in common with Him than we think.

I love y'all! I hope you guys have a FANTASTIC week!

Much love,
Elder Conrad Hamilton

P.S. Remember to keep smiling! :D

Me trying to be studious...

Elder Filikitonga (Spanish-speaking Elder from Tonga - waiting for his Visa to Argentina - learning both English and Spanish)

Elder Pineda (Spanish-speaking Elder from El Salvador)

Me, my companion (Elder Abersold) and Elder  Filikitonga

Our dessert - Chocolate Mousse Cake at the home of a wonderful family we are teaching!

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