Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Restoration

[Received 31 March 2014]

Howdy everyone! 

So this past week has been a blur! I didn't feel well at all, and so I'm finally over that! I had my first experience of having to stay home sick, and I hope that it is the ONLY time I ever have to do that again on my mission. I don't like the feeling of being stuck at home, and watching everyone else go and do the work that I need to be doing. Grr. Anyway, luckily I'm mostly over it now. :D

So this week has been fantastic! We're slowly starting to teach more and more people, and they aren't sick anymore! It's great! :D As many know, we now cover three stakes, and a total of 24 wards. We're really starting to meet more people in the new Cedar Pass stake and are starting to get more work done! 

My companion and I were asked to give talks yesterday in one of our 24 wards that we cover, and I got to speak on the Restoration. As I was preparing for the talk, I really focused on the importance of it. The Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ is so important to our beliefs as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but yet we seem to just let it pass by. We know the absolute minimum that we need to know, and we seem content. We need to understand the need for the Restoration, the importance of the individual parts of the Restoration, not just the First Vision, but also the importance of the restoration of the priesthood authority from Heavenly Father. All of these things are absolutely necessary for us to recognize the importance of. If we don't, we will probably fail to recognize the importance of other things that rely on the different points of the Restoration. I earnestly invite those who are members, to REVIEW the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Go to the missionaries, and ask for one of their Restoration pamphlets! I promise, they will help you! For non-members, this may not be such a pressing thing, but I would ask that you just learn about the Restoration. Please? I promise, it won't kill you, and it may even be enlightening.

I love you all! Remember, remember to have a FANTASTIC week!

Much love,

Elder Conrad Hamilton

Keep Smiling!

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