Monday, April 7, 2014

General Conference - not near long enough for me!

Howdy everyone! :D

I hope everyone enjoyed General Conference this past weekend! I know it wasn't ANYWHERE near long enough for me! So many things that I needed to hear, and many other people have shared with me the same sentiments. I can't wait to keep re-reading and re-watching the talks! :D

This past week has been kinda generic.. We're really pushing to get more people in our teaching pool, but it only can happen if we truly love the people around us. Same with wanting more friends, or to be respected. It can only happen if people truly feel loved around us. Otherwise, are we really as genuine as we want to be? What happens to our integrity if we're just trying to be the popular one, rather than the respected one? Just some food for thought..

Something I've been thinking a lot about this past week is the family. I've been getting lots of questions about my stand on the family, and a few about same-sex marriage. They already know the Church's stand, but wanted to know what I personally thought. I've really been thinking, and I would just say mine is exactly the same. I know what is needed to truly be happy, and that is a husband and wife, willing to keep sacred covenants of chastity and fidelity in marriage, raising children in love and righteousness. Just in case anyone else wanted to ask. :D

I love y'all!
-Elder Conrad Hamilton

And by the way...
Keep Smiling! 

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