Monday, May 12, 2014

Timons and Pumbaas

Howdy everyone! I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day! Always be grateful for your mom.. you never know when she'll do something nice for you! :D Besides, it's just a good thing to do.

So, this past week has been really fun as Elder De Leon and I continue to help the work grow in the area! :D We are working hard, and we have two baptisms coming up really soon! :) It's been fantastic as we work hard, and as we work on meeting new people, that the Lord will bless us, and we've seen miracles here in Eagle Mountain. So many people still tell me that because I'm in Utah, there isn't all that much work to do. Obviously, they've never been in Eagle Mountain. :D

I love being a missionary, and I wouldn't trade it right now for anything in the world! :)

Really fast, something I learned this past week.

All y'all have seen "The Lion King", right? Well, I was thinking about it, and I think Timon and Pumbaa are some of the worst villains ever. Why, you may ask? Because they made Simba forget who he was, as the son of a KING. What are the Timons and Pumbaas in our lives that make us forget that we are sons and daughters of a king? And not just a king of lions, but a HEAVENLY king, in fact, a God. Do we always remember who we are? or is the devil getting the better of us by making us believe that we don't deserve the divine potential to be a king or queen ourselves?

Just some thoughts for today! :D

Keep Smiling

Till next week!

Elder Conrad Hamilton

P. S. District bowling... 

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