Monday, September 15, 2014

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Howdy Everyone! 

So, this past week, I was reminded that I'm not really putting much detail into this, so I wanted to first, apologize. I've been really frustrated about a lot of different things these past few weeks. It was a lot harder to adjust to a new area than I'd originally thought. I had a lot of frustrations with things that were out of my control. I wanted to know what I was doing that was hurting my ability to see success in my own self. Finally, yesterday, I was in a meeting with a Stake President, and he flat out asked me how I was doing. All of the frustration, the inability to cope with different things, and everything else just came tumbling out, and I realized what my problem was. Until I put it into words, I hadn't quite understood what was wrong in my own mind. Now, I know. 

So, here's a bit about Alpine for this week:

- WE FINALLY GOT MAPS!!! :D This is such an awesome thing because I am a very visual person. I need to see where things are and to understand what I'm dealing with. I'm able to do memory tests with myself every morning when I study and exercise, and I'm learning the ward mission leaders so much faster than just seeing them written on a sheet of paper. I can see the Stake boundaries, I can see where the ward boundaries are, and with that, it helps me place who is who and in which stake they are in.

- WE GOT TO GIVE A PRESENTATION THIS PAST WEEKEND IN A LEADERSHIP SESSION!!! :D This was actually a lot of fun, and it helped me put things into perspective of what we need to be doing as members and as missionaries. The address Elder Bednar gave (linked at bottom of post) should help us all be a little more aware of what we're doing online, and help remind us that what we post online, whether spiritual or NOT, needs to be AUTHENTIC! Who we are OFF of the Internet needs to be the same person we are ON the Internet. If we aren't, then not only will what we post be ignored, but may also be seen as hypocritical and may end up hurting us more than helping us. 

- ONE OF THE SISTERS IN MY DISTRICT IS GOING HOME ON WEDNESDAY!!!  It's definitely super hard to see someone go home early, especially when it's because of a sickness. Last night, we were told she was going home, and all last night, Elder Cole and I were very quiet. So, today, in all of a 5-10 minute discussion, we arranged to have a surprise party for her as a district. We're all going to miss her! See picture for party shenanigans. There were streamers everywhere, and a lot more candy is around the room than just on the table, with balloons all over the floor. We had a ton of fun! We also got to meet the sister who is replacing her. She just came from the MTC, and so she's still a little fresh. I'm pretty sure she realized today that she's in the most fun district EVER. :D Nope, not biased at all. Nope. :)

- WE'RE MEETING A TON OF PEOPLE!!! :D Being able to meet as many people as we have in the past week has been a godsend. As we meet more and more people, we're able to ask who they know, who they are friends with, and if we can help with any of them. Only as they understand that we aren't just blindly inviting them do the members (and really anyone else we talk to) feel the love that we have for them, and only then do they really start to trust us. Just something for everyone to think about. Don't just blindly invite. Have someone in mind. Already be talking to them. Be the kind of person that is willing to invite, and be someone that your friend wouldn't think you'd just gone bipolar and were suddenly someone else. Be upfront. Don't try and be sneaky about inviting people. Be open about your motives. If people ask why you're inviting them to a baptism, tell them EXACTLY why you are. Just some spiritual food for thought.

Anyway, working on letting go of the things I can't control, and being a little bit more patient with myself! I love y'all! I hope everyone has a FANTASTIC week!

Elder Conrad Hamilton
Keep Smiling!

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