Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Maneuvering in a Boot

[Received Monday, 10 November 2014]

Howdy everyone! 

This week has been different, to say the least. It's not everyday I'm in a boot, and I don't ever recommend it to anyone else. Before anyone asks, I don't know what I did to it, but I just woke up two weeks ago, and my foot hurt. It got worse, and then last Monday, I was told to go get x-rays just to make sure nothing was broken. Nothing's broken, but apparently I messed up the tendons along the top of my foot. So, this week has been spent slightly hobbling around as I figured out how to maneuver in a boot.  

We had a baptism on Saturday! He was an excommunicated member, so technically his baptism doesn't count for us, but it was an incredible thing to get to see! We've been working with him for a number of weeks now, and to have him finally ready for baptism was awesome! He's an incredible man, and when I got a call from the local bishop to speak at his baptism, it was such an honor for me. :)

So, a little background before the last story. The Stakes here have been really asking us to visit as many homes as possible, whether members or not. So, in the spirit of that direction for us, the ward mission leaders have been setting up appointments for us to visit the members of their wards. Last night, our last appointment was at the Mendenhall's home. As in, Bronco Mendenhall. As in, BYU head football coach. He is amazing! It was so fun to share a message from Preach My Gospel with their family, and to get to know a few more members of the wards we serve. I love this!

Well, I hope everyone has a great week!

Elder Conrad Hamilton

Keep Smiling!

P.S... [From Conrad's mom] I love it when we receive pictures from members in Conrad's area.. Here are a few. 

Photo of Elder Murphy and Elder Hamilton at the Cowdell home
Elder Hamilton with Nancy Huntsman Jones and Kent Huntsman. These Huntsmans grew up in Shelley, Idaho - where Conrad's dad (Gene) and the Huntsmans were backyard neighbors. It is a small world.

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