Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Temperatures are... dropping... appointment numbers are rising!

[Received 17 November 2014]

Howdy everyone!

This week, we've had a bit of snow, and we're slowly getting busier.
Temperatures are slowly dropping, and appointment numbers are rising.
Lots of our appointments have come out of visiting member families, and talking to them and sharing a short message (generally about Joseph Smith being a true prophet, or the Book of Mormon) followed by an invitation to act. It's been really nice to get to know a lot more people within the 32 wards that we cover and to help the people in this area understand that we are here in Alpine. :)

We've had tons of miracles this week, especially regarding some of the people we're teaching. One in particular, after we visited them the first time a number of weeks ago, had texted us asking for us to never come back, and canceling the follow-up appointment we had set with them. Then, not this just past Saturday, but the Saturday previous (Nov. 8th), I had the distinct impression that we needed to go visit this person again. I put it off for a while, thinking that we had better things to do and that this person had told us not to come back, so why should we? Well, finally, after the thought came multiple times, we stopped by. They came to open the door, then just stopped for a second when they realized it was us. :) (I'm starting to get that reaction from a lot of people.. People just can't stand my charming good looks. :D Just kidding..) We went inside, and we talked with the individual for a little bit, and then the parents of said individual came in and we talked with them as well. We set up a return appointment, said our good-byes, and left. Later that evening, we got a text from the person we'd visited, saying, "Just wanted to say thank you again for stopping by! I was so shocked it was difficult to express how much I really appreciate it. :) have a good evening!" This made my night. I knew that I'd helped someone feel just a little bit better.

Another miracle earlier this week... We've been working with someone named John (name has been changed) for a long while. It's been kinda frustrating, especially when we can see the big picture, and he doesn't, so he doesn't understand the importance of reading scriptures, or praying, or anything else. Well, I've grown particularly fond of John, simply because he's like a little brother I never had, and I honestly want to help him as much as I can. This last Wednesday, I felt another prompting to go to his house and be particularly bold about going to church and reading his scriptures. Twas strange, because normally, we're not very bold with him, simply because I guess we don't really feel like we need to be. So, we went to his house, and his parents were there, so we talked to them for about 5 minutes, then his mom called John downstairs. He was surprised to see us as well, (see? I get that reaction from people a lot..) but talked to us for a little bit. His mom and dad took my companion to the next room to show him something that they'd been working on for their farm (we were still in sight and sound range, just in case anyone was wondering..), and John took the opportunity to be a little quieter, and he unloaded on me a lot of what he's been going through.
After he did so, I felt the biggest prompting I've ever felt in my LIFE to testify that John is a son of Heavenly Father, and that He loves John so much, He sent Jesus Christ to perform the Atonement so that John could live with Him again. As I was telling this to John, it was like everything else, all the noise, all distractions, just faded away. I knew that John needed to hear that, right then, on a Wednesday night, when he had been feeling like no one knew who he was. I then proceeded to tell him that if John would go to church, and if he would read his scriptures and pray to Heavenly Father every day, that he would feel that same feeling he felt when I told him about Heavenly Father's love. It's such a privilege to be able to promise people blessings in the name of Jesus Christ. I think a lot of missionaries don't quite understand the importance and significance of this blessing we have. Seeing John's face light up with the prospect of feeling that feeling over and over again really blessed me, and I knew that he had glimpsed a little bit of the bigger picture.

I love my mission, and I realized while writing this that I'm coming up on my year mark this Thursday. I KNOW, CRAZY, RIGHT??? No way I've been out on the mission that long!! <sigh> It goes too fast, and it keeps getting faster.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great week! Enjoy the pictures of snow!

This was from Saturday morning, and you can't see the snow at all because the wind was blowing the snow so fast the iPad's camera couldn't pick it up. Oh, I'm not in my boot anymore and my foot is doing well.

Elder Conrad Hamilton

Keep Smiling!

Video of the snow... 

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