Monday, January 12, 2015

Priesthood Blessing

Howdy everyone!

This week has been a little interesting. Last Monday, I had a really bad headache when I went to bed, and then when I woke up, it was even worse, and I felt very nauseous, chills, fever, the whole 9 yards. It was AWFUL. I was dead to the world for the first half of that day. Just before noon, I received a blessing from one of the elders in my district, and I was struck when he said for me to be made whole. Just like that. Nothing else around it or anything, just to be "made whole". After the blessing, I started getting ready for our first appointment at 3pm, and I really pushed myself to just keep moving, otherwise, I knew if I stopped that I'd just keel over and want to just go back to sleep. By the evening, a lot of the stuff was gone, and I felt like I could survive the night. I've been coughing a lot, getting lots of gunk out of my system ever since, but I've been made whole. What a testimony of the power of a priesthood blessing! :D 

Elder Ales continues to help me. He is FANTASTIC! We are able to laugh a lot, (which can be a bad thing, because then it starts me coughing) we are able to plan effectively (and getting better every day), and we are truly finding joy in this work. I absolutely LOVE being here in Vernal! :D 

I hope everyone has an AMAZING week! 

Elder Conrad Hamilton

P.S. No.. No pictures this week, but next week, I promise!

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