Monday, April 20, 2015

General Conference - study time!

Howdy everyone! 

Well, another week is gone! AHHH!! The weeks are just flying past! :/ As of today, I'm at my 17-month mark, as my companion was quite pleased to remind me. This time next week, we also are finding out what's happening for next transfer! (Can you believe it's already been almost 6 weeks??) This time next month, I'll have finished a sister's mission (young men serve for 2 years, while young women only serve for 18 months). Wow, the time has flown. :( I love that I've been able to learn a lot in the 17 months I've been serving now, but I don't really want to leave the mission. Where else do I get to serve my Heavenly Father, totally focused on the work? <sigh> Oh well.

I've been continuing to review the addresses given at General Conference on Easter weekend, and this week I've been studying President Dieter F. Uchtdorf's talk titled, "The Gift of Grace". I highly encourage EVERYONE to read it! His is the last talk in the Sunday morning session, and you can find it at this link:

I really enjoy being able to continuously go back and read and study the talks that are given to us every 6 months at General Conference. There's so much I miss the first time hearing them, and I can go back and ponder on what was said as I listen or read it again and again. What a blessing!!

I hope everyone has a blessed week, and enjoys the beginning of springtime!

Elder Conrad Hamilton

P.S. I have a few pictures this week!

me, Elder Kalamafoni, Sister Selk, Sister Wagner, Elder Hill, Elder Rodriguez

Making muffins!

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