Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Think about the Atonement

[Received 22 June 2015]

Howdy everyone!

This last week has just blown by! We didn't teach a whole lot, unfortunately, but we were still able to do a lot of visiting and talking to a lot of different people! :D Yay for that! This next week, we're really going to be focusing hard on finding more people to teach, and hopefully we can start moving things in the right direction! :D

I've had some different thoughts come to mind this week, which is always fun because now that I don't drive, I can think more in depth about those things and I don't have to worry about driving off the road which is a really good plus. One of those particular thoughts was on the purpose of the Atonement. All the time, we talk about it, and the things that it makes possible, such as forgiveness of sin, of helping us do better, etc. All that is nice and all, but what happens when we don't understand the point of the Atonement? What happens when we don't quite understand the HOPE it can bring into our lives? What happens when we're trying to find the motivation for trying to do better, but the thought of repentance kinda makes our stomachs turn (obviously, you can see where the attitude went wrong)? I think it all comes back to our own personal understanding. If we don't understand that the Atonement is meant to HELP, not to HURT; if we don't understand that the Atonement is meant to help us progress towards being back in the presence of the Father, if we don't understand the HOPE that we can find in life... if we don't *get* this stuff, why would we EVER want to use that Atonement? My question for everyone is a few, rather simple questions. How have you come to see the blessings of the Atonement for yourself? How did you feel both before, and after, seeing those blessings? If you haven't seen those blessings, or if you don't understand how the Atonement is supposed to be this helping thing, I challenge you to GO. Study the Atonement, learn all you can about it, then apply what you learn. Don't just learn it, but then not apply it. What's the fun in that?? :D Use the Atonement! Let it change your ENTIRE life! :) Not just part of it, not just a little section, but use it everywhere, applying generously as you go! :D I love y'all enough that I want *ALL* of you to see the blessings of the Atonement of Jesus Christ in your lives! It's the only thing to make you truly, truly happy in this life. Happiness won't come from having the best car, or the biggest house, or the highest paying job (although those do have some benefits, don't get me wrong.. :D), but it will come from living the gospel and teachings of Jesus Christ, and allowing that Atonement that He has given us to bless our lives.

I love y'all!
- Elder Conrad Hamilton

Keep Smiling!

      ^Best/Only way to live life!

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