Monday, October 19, 2015

Never a Boring Day

Howdy everyone! :D 

Well, lots of things this past week, so I'll just take it a day at a time.

Monday: Went into Provo for Elder Taylor to be checked out by the mission doctor. Still trying to help him feel better.  

Tuesday: Had quite a few lessons, wore Elder Taylor right out. Had a phone call with the mission president and his wife about what was to be done. They said when we came into Provo on Wednesday, Elder Taylor would go into one of the hospitals there to have work done, trying to figure out what's up. I've developed such a great love for President and Sister Hodgman! They have been working their hearts out to be able to serve us in the Utah Provo mission as much as they possibly can. I love them dearly, and am not happy that I will be leaving them soon. :(

Wednesday: Very interesting day for us. We went into Provo for the transfer meeting, even though neither of us was being transferred. Reason was that every group of missionaries gets a chance at the end of their missions to go to the Salt Lake City temple with President and Sister Hodgman before they go home. I go home in about 6 weeks, but the temple wasn't going to be available at that time, so they asked the group of missionaries that goes home with me to go at this time. So, while I went to the temple in Salt Lake City, there were some senior missionaries who took Elder Taylor to the hospital. He brought some new medications which, when he tried *those*, they also made him very nauseas. So, still a work in progress. 

Thursday: Had a number of lessons cancel on us, and one that we had to cancel due to Elder Taylor's sickness, bringing our total number of taught lessons to 0 for the day. However, even with no lessons actually taught, we were able to talk to quite a few people and help with questions that were had. So, still a productive day, yes. :) 

Friday: Had weekly planning, which I did a lot of by myself. This makes me grateful that I know enough about doing a lot of these things that when needed, (such as now) I can do it by myself. However, I can't do all day, every day by myself, but while Elder Taylor needs to rest, I can fill in for a bit. Taught a few lessons in the evening, so that was great!

Saturday: Got permission to go with a member and someone else that we were teaching up to the Payson temple to walk around the grounds. The person we're teaching is working on starting a new life, and as we were walking around the grounds talking about the blessings and promises made inside the temple, the person kept stating that he really wanted to be inside. It made me think of the children's song, "I Love to See the Temple", where we sing about the hope we have of being inside, to covenant (or make a promise) with Heavenly Father and to promise to obey. This song kept echoing in my mind as we walked, and I became so much more grateful for the opportunity I have to be inside the temple and to be able to be a part of those temple covenants that can make my family eternal. It was a really touching experience for me. That night, I also had an opportunity to carve a pumpkin! :D We stopped by one of the families we're teaching, and while Elder Taylor shared some things, I was recruited to help carve a pumpkin for the youngest kids. 

Sunday: We spent the morning in the Nephi 1st ward, where we attended their Sacrament services, and then Elder Taylor and I had the opportunity to be able to spend the other two hours of the meeting block with the Primary kids. We talked a little bit about serving missions, and overall just enjoyed the time helping in Primary. I love the Primary! :D Elder Taylor leaned over and said that if he was ever called to serve in the Primary, he'd lose his mind. When I questioned why, he said that he wouldn't ever be able to have an intelligent conversation. :D 

So, that's been a lot of our week. As you can tell, we never have a boring day around here. That being said, today we're going to be up in Provo again for Elder Taylor to be looked at, and I continue to plead and ask for your prayers for him. I know prayers are answered by our loving Heavenly Father, I've seen enough evidence for myself, and so I'm asking all of you to exercise your faith in God and just pray for Elder Taylor to see some relief, and for the doctors to find out what's wrong with him. 

Thank you all, and I love y'all!
-Elder Conrad Hamilton

Keep Smiling! :D 

President and Sister Hodgman at the Salt Lake Temple

Carving Pumpkins

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