Monday, November 16, 2015

And there was snow!

Howdy everyone!

Well, I officially have 8 days on the mission, and it's such a weird thought that in just that much time, my two-year mission will conclude. :/ Weird.. 

This last week has been crazy busy for Elder Bennett and I! We've been getting so much done this week, it's awesome! :D Lots of appointments, lots of people seen, lots of people helped, all that fun stuff! :D It's been amazing!!

This morning, we woke up and there was snow! It's sweet! :D Take a look at some of the pictures below. It's been interesting getting used to driving in the snow again, and I love how quickly I remember how to drive in the snow. It was interesting coming up to Payson today on I-15. There were a few hydroplaning moments, bur not as bad as I've had before. :) 

Anyway, I'll send one more next week, then I'm signing off! :D 

Elder Conrad Hamilton

Keep Smiling! :D 

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