Monday, December 16, 2013

First P-Day in the Mission

Hello everyone!

This makes my first P-Day in my actual mission. Phew.

Well, it's hard to believe I've been gone for almost a month now. 1 down, and only 23 to go. :( I'm not sure I want to see that kind of countdown. I told Elder Stevenson about it this morning, who has been out for almost a year (this Wednesday marks one year for him), and he said just wait for your "year" mark. It's crazy to think about it.

 Well, anyway, this week, since I got in the mission on Wednesday, we've taught over a dozen lessons. 

We have two people about to be baptized, one this Saturday, and one next Saturday. Wow. :D It is so incredible being in Utah. I'm in the Eagle Mountain East area, and with that said, I cover two stakes. I guess it could be worse, but it is incredible trying to cover it all without a car. Anyway, one of the two stakes just implemented a new plan to keep us missionaries busy. They are setting it up that every night, excluding Monday for FHE, and Friday for date night, a ward or wards are responsible for feeding us at 5pm, then filling our schedule for the rest of the night. Wow buddy. If they do that, we double, if not triple the lessons we teach each week. We're planning on being so busy, we'll need to go on splits almost every night. I'm happy for it, because it means I don't have to do the whole knocking on doors thing. :D I'm perfectly OK with that. 

This past week, we also had a miracle. So, in the mornings, every once in a while the Spanish elders and us will go play basketball at one of the many churches nearby. The churches here are slowly switching to keycards rather than actual keys, but the problem is the cards only start working after 8am. So, we have to go pretty far to a building that still uses normal keys. This week, we were passing a church that looked like it still used normal keys, and it was really close to my house. So, we decided we'd try it out. Turns out, when we got there, that the keyhole had been capped. So, the elder that had the keys starts jogging back to the car to get out of the cold, but drops the keys, then kicks them into the snow. We look for about 5 minutes, but it's dark, so we decide to come back later. We do our morning studies, then come back that afternoon. We're searching, digging the snow out, and someone pulls up, asking for my companion and I to teach his siblings. Right as we set a time to meet, the other elder that dropped the keys kicks them out of the snow and on to the concrete. It's truly amazing how the Lord works, so that we can find the people we need to. :D

I hope everyone has a VERY Merry Christmas! If you want me to email you, email me first at!

Much love,

Elder Conrad Hamilton

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