Monday, January 27, 2014

My New Companion

Howdy everyone!

So, like I said last week, we had transfers on Wednesday, and I'm still in Eagle Mountain. Sad part, Elder Stevenson got transferred to Payson. :(  BUT! I got an awesome elder in return! Elder Abersold, from northern California was transferred from the Salem area over to Eagle Mountain. It's slightly weird how much I know, now that I HAVE to know it. But oh well.. I just hope I'm here for a while longer. I'm slowly remembering everyone's names, and if I don't remember, I just give a generic greeting. :D

This week has been amazing on my personal studies. I've really been "feasting", as the scriptures say, and it's helped me so much. I'm slowly coming to a better understanding, and it's amazing how many miracles are put in my path as I recognize more of the Lord's hand in the work I do. 

Last Tuesday, we were able to go to the temple in Provo. Elder Hodges had a doctor's appointment there, so we figured that we would just go to the Provo temple and save on some miles. It was incredible. Words can't even describe the peace I felt inside the temple. The sheer comfort I felt as I was sitting in the temple was incredibly overwhelming, and I was able to just relax my mind, and let my prayers just flow. It's been such a blessing to go to the temple about once a month. So much more is just let off my shoulders as I come to more of a reliance on the Lord. 

We had two baptisms yesterday! We've been working with a nonmember mom, less-active daughter, and nonmember son for some time, and the mom and son got baptized yesterday evening! It's so incredible to see people make the choice to commit themselves to following Heavenly Father. :D

I'm so sorry I don't have pictures this week! :( I meant to, and I have a lot on my camera, but I forgot my camera, and didn't bring it with me to do emails.

Please, everyone, keep Elder Hodges (our nearby Spanish-speaking Elder) in your prayers. His migraines and headaches are still here, but he's just refusing to be kept down anymore. Please pray for him. Please?

Now, for my little scripture thought this week.. In my studies, as I said, I've really been focusing on "feasting" on the scriptures, and not just reading to get through them. I was reading in 3 Nephi, chapter 5 verse 13, and when I first read it, I kinda just skipped through it thinking, "Yeah, great missionary scripture, but moving on." Then I felt that I should stop, and re-read it. So, I did. As I read it again, I really started to think about what it said. Not only does it describe who I am as a missionary, but it also lays out, pretty clearly, my purpose. I'm here to "declare his word" (meaning, the word of God). I'm not here to really do much more than that. I'm here to give people a choice that they wouldn't otherwise have if I didn't invite them to come unto Christ. Once they make the choice to either say yes or no, cool, we'll go from there, but that's extra icing on the cake. My purpose is to invite. What happens next is up to them, but I have to declare the word first. Then we can worry about the other stuff.

I love you all!

Much love,
Elder Conrad Hamilton

P.S. I promise to have pictures next week! :D

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