Monday, February 10, 2014

Heavenly Father is there!

Howdy everyone!

I have pictures this week!! (finally)
This week has been great as I've learned to let the Holy Ghost influence my studies. Much, MUCH better than last week. One of the best things that I've been able to learn this past week is that I have to have surrendered myself to Heavenly Father. If I don't, I am always going to hold back from the blessings that He wants to send me. So, obviously, I can't just do that overnight, but it will be (no doubt) a life-long thing. :D Ahh... So refreshing to know that I'm doing my best, and that I'm working on being better. :D

This past week, we got to go to the temple again. There were so many things on my mind, I wasn't sure if I'd have time to ask Heavenly Father about them all. As I went through the temple, most of the questions just disappeared, and I was left with one question that, as I thought about it, was the root of all the rest of them. I asked Heavenly Father about it as I sat in the Celestial room, and my answer was so simple, at first I doubted that it was Him giving me the answer. I just kept thinking, "That's too easy. If it was that simple, I wouldn't be stressing about this stuff right now; I'd already have gotten my answer." Silly me. I found that once again, my Father in Heaven doesn't ask for much, really. He just wants us to listen, and to ACT on what we hear. The next day, during studies, I found my answer just how He'd said it would be.

I'm just so grateful that my Heavenly Father is ALWAYS willing to be patient with me, and to help me through the things that I struggle through. I promise and I testify that Heavenly Father truly IS  there for every single one of us. No matter what our struggles are, whether big or small, He's constantly waiting for us to ask for His help. I know that through His help, we can accomplish ANYTHING in this world that is put before us. I bear my own witness that we CAN do anything and everything. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

I hope everyone has a fantastic week!

Much love,
Elder Conrad Hamilton
Some pictures of the Mt. Timpanogos temple... where we went last week:

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