Monday, July 28, 2014

Being a Leader

Howdy everyone!

This week has been a total blur!

So many awesome things, and some not so awesome, but overall a great week. On Saturday, I was able to go back to Eagle Mountain to baptize Steven Tran. For once, the water was cold! But, it's okay, because both he and I understood the covenants that he was making did not
depend on water temperature. I'm just grateful for the opportunity I had to be able to baptize him!

We've been working on communication with all of our different ward mission leaders, and on communication with the people we teach. We're also working on trying to be better at setting a follow-up appointments, and being able to contact them again throughout the week if we're not able to set up a follow-up appointment. It's definitely a slow process, but it's one were working on. :)

This week, I've also learned a lot about leadership in the church. Many times, we think of leadership as a way to rule, and not to serve. I have my eyes opened this past week as I learned that I was actually being a leader. It hadn't felt like I was being one, just because I wasn't doing what the normal view of a leader should be doing. I wasn't telling everyone to go do something, I wasn't ordering people around, instead I was just seeing how people were doing. I was seeing how I could help them more. It was nothing of, "You need to get this done right now!"it's just, that's not how leadership should be. I've come to that realization this past week, and it's one I hope all of us will learn at some point. Being a leader does not depend on how many people you have under you, but instead it is on how many people you have to serve and to take care of.

Well, not a lot this week, just still working on my personal organization and trying to remember everyone and everywhere and every leader I come in contact with. It gets a little tough  sometimes. :)

Anyway, I love y'all!

Elder Conrad Hamilton

Keep Smiling! 

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