Monday, December 22, 2014


Howdy Everyone!!

So this past week was transfers, as everyone knows! :D I was transferred to the Vernal Ashley area, and I'm follow-up training (just means I'm finishing the training) my new companion, Elder Ales. He doesn't really need it, but we like to be uniform that everyone has a full twelve weeks of training. :D

So, about Vernal:
- Areas in Vernal: 6 total areas. Mine is the Vernal Ashley area. :D 
- How many stakes do I cover: I cover one stake, the Vernal Ashley stake. Can you see why my area is the name it is? :)
- How many missionaries are in Vernal: There are about 12 missionaries in Vernal. Not a whole lot, I think, for how much work there is here, but we'll work on that. :D
- What was my transportation to Vernal: We came to Vernal in a Dodge Grand Caravan. :D That is what I drive now. I went from a Toyota Corolla to a Dodge Caravan. Bit of a size difference. :D I need suggestions for the name of our lovely mode of transportation. Please send all suggestions via a handwritten letter, with a side note of what your suggestion is. Winners will be notified in a month. This gives you plenty of time to write the letter, send it, and for me to receive it. :D Just an FYI. 

Also, many have probably seen that the Utah Provo Mission will be split, effective July of 2015, and it will become the Utah Provo Mission and the Utah Orem Mission. No, I don't know what's going to happen; it'll all depend on where I'm serving when that happens.

I also don't have any pictures this week, since I forgot to charge my iPad last night, so you'll have to wait for pictures next week. :/ Sorry!!

Anyway, I hope everyone has a joyous and very Merry Christmas! I invite you to think about and remember why we actually celebrate this time of year. Why, truly? Is it about Christ, or is it about the commercial gifts? Just asking, and I invite you to think about that as we go through these last few days up to Christmas. 

I love y'all!

Elder Conrad Hamilton

Keep Smiling!

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  1. There are many wonderful people waiting for you in Vernal, Elder Hamilton; just you wait and see.

    Love, your Great Aunt Cherry