Monday, February 9, 2015

Learn, Act, Share

Howdy everyone!

So, this week has been incredibly busy for us! We've been spending a lot of time to be able to figure out how we can help the people here more and more. One way that we've decided to push forward Heavenly Father's work here is to have more communication between us as full-time missionaries and the ward leadership here in this area. It's been awesome as I've put in practice skills I learned a LONG time ago, through Scouting, through Duty to God, and so much more.

One thing that I wanted to share that I've been thinking about is something in the Church known as "Learn, Act, Share". Much of the Church curriculum is based on these principles, encouraging deeper and more personal understanding and application. In Scouting, we have 3 very similar principles, known as "Be, Know, Do". I think it's kinda in the wrong order, so I'd rearrange it as "Know, Do, Be". As we "learn" things throughout this life, as we begin to "know" different things, we begin to apply it in our life, or, we begin to "act", or "do" something about what we've learned. Over time, as we continuously do those things, it becomes something that we "share", and something that we "be"come. :) (See what I did there?) I'm so grateful for Scouting, for the principles I've learned in a lifetime (mostly...) of being involved. :D I feel like even though I'm only 20, I can say that. :) I'm grateful for the Church, and the drive that I feel to continue wanting to learn more and to push my own personal learning. I know that's the only way we can truly find out for ourselves the truthfulness of anything in the gospel. We have to study the gospel for ourselves, with a SINCERE desire to learn, and then be willing and humble enough to turn to God in prayer. If we follow this simple pattern, I promise, and I testify, as a representative of Jesus Christ, that God will show you and tell you, whether by feelings in your heart, or thoughts in your mind, that these things are true. The trick is, do we really WANT to know? If not, where is our sincerity? Where is the purpose behind our search? Is it to argue? Is it to belittle? OR, is it to seek, is it to uplift, is it to encourage? We decide. I'd rather have the positive reasons. This world has enough issues, why don't we try and make it a little better instead?

I love all y'all! I hope y'all have a fantastic Valentine's Day, and Anne, you better have a happy birthday! :D

Elder Conrad Hamilton

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