Monday, February 16, 2015

The Gospel is Awesome!

Howdy everyone! 

I hope everyone had a wonderful National Singles Awareness Day on Saturday! :D te-he-he..

Anyway, this week has been AMAZING!! We've had lots of various conferences and training meetings, but I think one of my favorites was on Wednesday evening, after our zone conference in Roosevelt. We got to have one of the assistants to the mission president with us on impromptu exchanges! :D I know I learned a lot from having him with us, and it was a really awesome opportunity to learn and to have another witness with us! :D 

At zone conference, we were continuously reminded about making sure people understand the ultimate vision we have for them. My note on the matter said, "We need to go over our vision with the people we teach. If we aren't going to give them another kind of vision for their life, what is the point of them getting baptized? Is it just for them to be part of another church, or do they realize that we're trying to get them into the Celestial Kingdom? If we don't, we're just pushing them out into the dark. We CANNOT do that." I loved having the reminder that as missionaries, we're not just here to baptize. There is absolutely no point in doing that. We have to make sure they understand that there's so much MORE in store for them! :D That's the awesome part about this gospel! I can continue to learn over and over and over again! I love the gospel because it gives me hope that there's always something more I can learn, something more to understand. :) It's awesome!

Elder Ales and I are doing tremendous! As we've been stepping up our game against silly Satan, we've been blessed so much by Heavenly Father! We've found more families to teach than ever before! :D It's definitely a blessing to be able to work with the wards as much as we do here, and to be able to resolve problems and push forward the work!

The Zone
One really cool thing this week was my realization of how much Scouting has helped me. At the lunch at zone conference, President McCune called me over and asked me to speak to one of the sisters that had prepared lunch for our zones. He told her that I was the biggest Scouter he knew that was present, and that she could trust me. I talked to the sister for a little bit about Scouting, how it had helped me prepare for a mission, some of the things I'd learned while serving others through the Scouting program, etc. It was awesome to be recognized like that by President McCune, and to be able to be a good representation of Scouting to those around me. :D 

I love y'all! Have a blessed and fantastic week! :D 

Elder Conrad Hamilton

Keep Smiling!

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