Monday, August 24, 2015


Howdy everyone!! :D

This week has been incredibly crazy! Oh my goodness, with me reaching my 21-month mark, with getting sick over the weekend, with increasing the work in the area, with everything else.. Wow! :D

Something I've realized this week as we've gone through all those different things is that the Lord really does trust us. He gives us so many tools to help us through the different things He's asked us to do, and I'm so grateful that He loves us enough to give us different those tools. Of those tools, I'm so grateful to have the scriptures, both the Bible and the Book of Mormon, I'm so grateful to have a living prophet on the earth, just as Moses was in the Old Testament, I'm so grateful to have the knowledge of the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ, His teachings, to guide me in my life here on earth. I'm grateful for the covenants/promises that I've been able to make thus far with my Father in Heaven that as I live those promises, it changes my character to be continue to want to abandon sin and become comfortable with living the standards of Heavenly Father! :D I'm so pumped! LIFE IS AWESOME!!

I love y'all! Keep going strong!

Elder Conrad Hamilton

Keep Smiling! :D

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