Monday, September 14, 2015

A Light to her Family

Howdy everyone!

This last week has been a super blur for me! We've been having a great week, and it's been a real blessing! :D Elder Taylor is an amazing missionary to train, and he definitely keeps me on track! :)

We had a baptism this last Saturday!! It was awesome! :D Elder Miller and Elder De Leon got to come from Spanish Fork to see her baptism, so that was fun to see them again! Lilee is an awesome kid, and is a real light to the rest of her family. It's incredible to see how much a nine-year-old can do for her family if she is willing to be. Many hearts were touched by the Spirit, including President and Sister Hodgman's. It was a real blessing to have them at the baptism, and to let Sister Fowkes see the Hodgmans. :D Take a look at the picture!

I'd love for everyone's prayers this week for my district and I. We've been having some interesting things happen to everyone this past week.

Thanks, everyone!

See ya next week!
Elder Conrad Hamilton

Keep Smiling!

My Zone!

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