Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Fresh out of the MTC!

[Received 7 September 2015]

Howdy everyone!

Well, this week has been a definite change! Elder Miller was transferred on Wednesday, and he's now serving in Spanish Fork with Elder De Leon, the first missionary I trained.. a long time ago.. in a galaxy far away. :D They are going to be awesome, if not already.

Well, now to tell you a bit about Elder Taylor. He just got transferred here, and he's fresh out of the MTC! :D Talk about "new"... Elder Taylor is from New Hampshire, is the oldest of three kids, and he worked a lot with the :D He works really hard, and it's really been helping as I've been working to keep building relationships of trust here with the people of Nephi. :D We're on a roll!

We've been moving right along, and the Nephi area keeps getting better and better with each week that we're here. :D Life is going great!

Something I've learned as I've begun to train again is that the Lord is in charge of the work at all times. :D As I do what I'm supposed to, the Lord can direct the work where I  am. That's what I'm striving to teach Elder Taylor. That's it. Everything else doesn't really matter in comparison. If I can teach that to Elder Taylor, everything else will come as we do that. The Spirit is only here with obedience, so as we do the things we need to to have the Spirit, by definition we're doing the things that missionaries are supposed to be doing.

Anyway, I love y'all!

Elder Conrad Hamilton

Keep Smiling! :D

Me and Elder Taylor!

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