Monday, September 21, 2015

Praying for Bats

Howdy everyone!

Well, this week has been really slow for us, but we're changing some 
things for this upcoming week, and we're hoping to break the cycle! We're not having two slow weeks in a row. :D There's too much work for us to do here to even consider having another slow week. So, in light of that, I'm requesting your prayers this week for Elder Taylor and I.. We need as much help as we can get! 

This past Sunday, Lilee (who got baptized the Saturday before) was 
confirmed a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! :D It was a definite honor to be asked to stand in the circle to confirm her. :) Lilee is such a light to the rest of her family! I know she's an example to me! Her faith is incredible! :D

One funny thing from this past week.. I saw evidence again that 
Heavenly Father answers our prayers! :D On Saturday, we were going into our last appointment of the evening, and as we were sitting down, somehow a bat got into the house. This house is rather spacious, so the bat had plenty of flying room, but the mother of the family was freaking out. They asked me to say the opening prayer, and the mother asked (that's putting it gently.. let's just say, she wasn't the most

composed person I've ever seen... :D) me to pray that the bat would get out of the house. I opened the prayer, and asked Heavenly Father if He would lead the bat outside, and in my head I was just asking for it so the mother would be calm. I closed the prayer, and not even a minute later, that bat was out of the house. It flew right out the door that had been opened in faith after I closed the prayer. :) Prayers really do work! :D Even for the trivial things, Heavenly Father still answers and guides us.

I love y'all! I hope y'all have a fantastic week, and do great things!


Elder Conrad Hamilton

Keep Smiling! :D

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