Tuesday, October 6, 2015

General Conference

[Received 5 October 2015]

Howdy everyone!

Well, I don't know about all of you, but I certainly LOVED General Conference this past weekend! :D Who else was guessing that Elder Rasband would be one of the new Apostles? I loved the three new Apostles' testimonies during yesterday's sessions. It's definitely inspiring to see the Lord working with us to be able to lead His church on the earth. :) One of my favorite addresses was the Saturday afternoon session (which I got to see live in the Conference Center in Salt Lake City), and that was Elder Holland's talk on mothers, and their staggering yet rarely mentioned loads to carry. It definitely was a reminder to me, and I learned a lot. So much from this last conference to learn from! :D I highly suggest that everyone goes to LDS.org and read/watch/listen to each of the talks given, whether you're a member of the LDS faith or not. There's something for everyone, and it's a lot better of a bargain than Black Friday shopping. All Heavenly Father asks is that we take what we learn and strive to do better each day with the knowledge we have. I think that being a better person, and being more worthy to be in the presence of my Father in Heaven is an awesome bargain from just listening/reading/watching the messages from General Conference, and then pondering on how I can do better with what I learn. Definitely an awesome thing for each of us! :D 

Well, I'm really hoping that everyone is doing well, and that y'all are having a blast as we come closer to the holiday season! :D (I saw Christmas stuff out in some of the local stores!! What in the world?? It's not even Halloween yet!)

Elder Conrad Hamilton
Keep Smiling! :D

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